Certificate Supplement

The Europass Certificate Supplement is issued to people who hold a vocational certificate, in order to make this certificate more easily understood, especially by employers or institutions outside the issuing country. The information in the Europass Certificate Supplement is provided by the relevant certifying authorities in a common format for all holders of a specific certificate.

Europass Certificate Supplement provides information on:

  • the skills and competences acquired,
  • the range of occupations accessible,
  • the awarding and accreditation bodies,
  • the level of the certificate,
  • the different ways of acquiring the certificate,
  • the entry requirements and access opportunities to next level education.

The Europass Certificate Supplement does not replace the original certificate and does not give any entitlement to formal recognition of the original certificate by authorities of other countries. On the other hand, it facilitates a sound appreciation of the original certificate, so that it can be helpful to obtain recognition by the competent authorities.

The Europass Certificate Supplements are available here.

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