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Nowadays, when applying for a job or an internship CV has a very important and crucial role in the selection of candidates for the certain job position. Various CV templates can be found on the Internet and it is difficult to decide which of the offered templates could be the most appropriate for you. European Commission has found a solution and established a common Curriculum Vitae. The Europass Curriculum Vitae is a CV template that has been translated into all EU/EEA languages. In the Europass CV, individuals can record information on their education, work experience and language skills, as well as competences acquired outside formal education and training.

Europass CV is the backbone of the Europass portfolio, to which students or workers can attach other Europass documents according to their needs. It provides individual citizens with a model for a systematic, chronological and flexible presentation of their qualifications and competences.

Information about Europass CV in Europass portal

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CV template and instructions in 28 languages

European Skills Passport (ESP)

The European Skills Passport (ESP) is an electronic portfolio that gives a comprehensive picture of your skills and qualifications. You can upload any of the other Europass documents (Language Passport, Europass Mobility, Diploma Supplement and Certificate Supplement), or any other document that might be useful when you submit your CV. You can upload such documents as:

  • Scans of qualification certificates or diplomas
  • Course transcripts
  • Documents that provide information on the comparability or level of your qualification (for example UK NARIC statements of comparability)
  • Employer or other references

You can link the documents to sections of your Europass CV so that, when the documents are received in electronic format, the recipient can go straight to evidence of your experience simply by clicking the link.

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